AMC FARMS | British Columbia - Canada
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We grow our own food in our own farms, free from any and all chemical based pesticides, or fertilizers,


About our Farm

For the vast majority of its history, agriculture can be described as having been organic; only during the 20th century was a large supply of new products, but not organic, introduced into food production.


What we do

We grow food, for the mind body and soul free from chemical based pesticides, insecticides, fertilizers etc. we use only organic materials such as plant wastes, compost etc.




At AMCFarms we grow premium cherries in British Columbia, Canada. Our cherries are all hand picked and hand packed in our state of the art facility, located right on our farm, and shipped to our customers worldwide.

We specialize in production of large, late maturing cherry cultivars. The varieties, combined with our northerly latitude and the cool moderating breezes, allow us to offer our customers freshly harvested cherries in the latter half of July and throughout the entire month of August.


We are one of the pioneers of organic loose tea, designers of artful tea blends, and farmers of authentic Canadian tea. We believe in small scale organic farming that is why we have small batches of really fine teas you can ever find anywhere in the world

Spices and herbs

We hold a special place in our hearts for the fruits and vegetables we can find all year-round.

All fruit and vegetables taste their best and are at their nutritious best when harvested fresh from the field close to where they were grown. Freshness is the single most important criteria for shoppers who primarily judge freshness through the physical appearance of the produce, including the produce display, when looking at the choices available on the shelves.

Healthy and easy

We have 300 cows and 160 young stock, with an grazing acreage of 340 acres. Enough to keep our cows healthy, happy and fed all year around. we have become a premier destination of people from all walks of life who want to enjoy real milk, without any and all preservatives. 100% pure and organic.

Contact Us

Call our Farm :


or Email us –

AMC Farms

Robson Valley Area, McBride, British Columbia

Postal Code – V0J 2E0

We are offering you a chance to work for us in canada. Position is open for suitable candidates worldwide. Email us your resume on email or call us, we want to hear from you.